J-Ben 2 Development Page

2011 Febrary 15

It's with mixed feelings that I've decided to stop development on the J-Ben project. Thanks to all the users and everyone else who's shown interest in the project over the years. I am very grateful.

I've also written a more detailed write-up about this for those who are interested.


2011 January 24

Did a minor version bump to 1.9.7. Fixes: fixed localedir on Linux, fixed encoding errors on the French translation for all systems.

Also, very minor, but here's a screenshot on Windows 7 using the French localization:

As always, see the files folder for downloads.

2011 January 23

J-Ben experimental builds are up to version 1.9.6. The main change is working localization support on Windows and Linux. A partial French translation is included, ported from J-Ben 1.

The JBLite library has also been updated to 0.4.3. A bug was fixed which prevented searches in J-Ben from working except on exact matches.

For Linux users, download J-Ben from this site, and use easy_install to install "jblite>=0.4.3". For Windows users, just grab the latest installer; it includes the updated jblite library.

To download the latest experimental J-Ben, check the files folder.